El Cerrito and Oakland
Hand Therapy & Acupuncture

ArmWeightCommon diagnosis that we treat daily are:
   Pains and Strains: Shoulders to Hands.
        Arms     Elbows      Wrists      Fingers
   Nerve Problems:
        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome     Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
       Lacerations/Repair     Irritation    Neuroma
        Shoulder     Golfer's Elbow     Tennis Elbow
        HandsAgesWrist and Finger     De Quervains
   Tendon Repairs

Our mission is to help people of all ages. OT & Acupuncture Treatments Reduce Pain, improve healing, and return body back to better Function. Some people come for just OT & Arm/Hand treatments. Other people come for just Acupuncture treatments. We do see accelerated healing with the combination of OT and Acupuncture treatments.

Aches and Pains may not “just go away.”
Don’t let your aches and pains become Tendonitis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Call us before your pain interrupts your work, sleep, and fun.