El Cerrito Hand Therapy
& Acupuncture

Hand & Upper Extremity Rehabilitation

Your first visit will last approximately 1 hour. It will include: an Evaluation, Discussion of your symptoms and Diagnosis, and the Development of your Home Program.

Each visit afterwards will last approximately 45 minutes. We will assess your: injury, symptoms, the response to our treatments, and your follow through with your Home Program. We will: treat your diagnosed injury and corresponding symptoms, and upgrade your Home Program.

Our treatments and services for you may include:

   Pain management
   Edema/swelling reduction
   Wound care
   Scar management/desensitization techniques
   Splinting: custom made, prefabicated, modifications,
   Ergonomic Instructions for improved techniques with
     computer and mouse use.
   Upper Extremity & Arm/Hand Strengthening
   ADLS(Activities of Daily Living)/Adaptive equipment
   Modalities: UltraSound, Electrial Stimulation,
     Paraffin Wax/Heat Treatments
   Kinesio-Taping, Graston Technique, Manual Massage


The Clinic has Acupuncture treatments/services. Susan Cupples has a four year Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture. Within our Acupuncture Services we treat: Pain issues in the entire body, Sports Injuries, Orthopedic Joint stiffness & Range of motion limits including: Frozen Shoulder, Arthritis, Lumbar/Back/Sciatica, Knee/Ligament strains. We treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis , and Repetitive Strains that may originate in the Hand, Wrist, Elbow, or Neck. Our goal is to remove as much pain, strain, and discomfort as possible from your body each time we help you.

In our clinic Eastern and Western Medicine are complimentary approaches. We know that our Acupuncture treatments help our patients get beyond the common plateaus that PT/OT/Chiropractic treatments may reach. Our Acupuncture treatments/approaches facilitate faster healing, getting you back to work and fun sooner. Essentially Acupuncture helps to remind and promote the body's circulation, inflammatory process, and healing cascade in a deeper way. Acupuncture helps us regain our internal homeostasis for physical function, and also re-balances and smooths our mental and emotional well being.

How many treatment will you need? Everybody's pain, problem, or injury is different. You should feel better during/after each Acupuncture treatment. We will see how quickly your body responds and retains the benefits our Acupuncture treatment. It is common for our patients to receive about 6 -12 treatments from us. Most people feel relaxed, rejuvenated, peaceful or even blissful after our Acupuncture treatments.